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mediation icon Florida law provides informal alternative dispute resolution programs for certain types of insurance claims. If you have a claim dispute with your insurance company, our programs may help you to resolve it prior to taking legal action. If your insurance company maintains a position regarding your claim which you find unsatisfactory, mediation will allow you to sit down face to face with the company and a neutral third party mediator licensed by the Department of Financial Services (DFS) to try and resolve your differences. The mediator acts to encourage and assist in the resolution of the dispute without dictating the outcome. If you have a sinkhole claim dispute, our sinkhole Neutral Evaluation program will provide a neutral third party professional to review the findings of the insurance company.

Both mediation and sinkhole neutral evaluation are non-binding. Neither the policyholder nor the insurance company is legally obligated to accept the outcome of the mediation conference.

The following programs are currently available. Please select a link to proceed: