Quarterly and Supplemental Reporting System - Next Generation (QUASRng)
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Reports from this system contain real time data. Results may vary each time due to data resubmissions by insurance companies. Results may also vary based on the criteria you select. It is recommended that you document the criteria selected to generate the report including the time and date.

The Office of Insurance Regulation (Office) created the QUARSRng System pursuant to Section 624.424, Florida Statutes, which requires all commercial and personal residential property insurers to submit policy data to the Office every quarter of the calendar year (e.g., homeowners, mobile homeowners, tenants, condominium unit owners, dwelling fire insurance, etc.).

Data submitted to the QUASRng database is not audited by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation before publication. Beginning with the first quarter of 2014, State Farm Florida Insurance Company is filing QUASR reports as Trade Secret; their current data is therefore not included in this database.
Customized Reports With Step-by-Step Instructions:
Customize reports by choosing some or all counties, companies, policy types, etc. The application guides you through each step to reach the desired result. (For best results export to Excel to view and print.)
Total Database Access:
With minimal guidance, you can create your own reports by accessing every element of the data collected from companies through QUASRng. (For best results export to Excel to view and print.) Database Interface