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Lost-Time Injury Data by Employer Screen
This Database was Last Updated: 6/1/2024 6:32:25 AM
To obtain a list of lost-time injuries that have been reported to the Division of Workers’ Compensation for a particular employer, enter the employer’s FEIN number in the field provided.

Information for each injury will include: Injury date, Status (closed or open,) Cause of injury, Name and address of insurer.

Client companies of a PEO wishing to obtain their Lost-Time Injury Data by Employer should contact their respective PEO Company and/or PEO’s Insurance Carrier. Section 627.192(4), Florida Statutes, and Section 627.291(1), Florida Statutes, authorize PEOs and insurance companies to provide rating information to lessees and policy holders.
Failure to obtain claim information on a specific employer through this automated query may be due to search criteria input by the user, to delay in the submission of information from insurance carriers, or to errors in the coding and entry of claims data. The user should not infer the non-existence of a claim based solely on results of this query.
The Lost-Time Injury Data by Employer contains only those lost-time workers' compensation records for which a DWC-1, First Report of Injury or Illness, was reported to or recorded by the Division. Records with dates of accident prior to 1/1/1990 that were "closed" at the time the Division converted to the new database in March of 2000, were archived and will not appear here. As of November 2003, certain information that relates to personal, financial and/or health information will not be disclosed in the database pursuant to Section 440.125 and 626.9651, Florida Statutes and Rule 4-128, Florida Administrative Code. Records designated as "confidential" by the Division are not included; Section 119.07, Florida Statutes, protects them from disclosure. Records deemed confidential by federal or state law are also not included.

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