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Florida Division of Workers' Compensation Expert Medical Advisor List

Expert Medical Advisors listed in this database are eligible for reimbursement for Expert Medical Advisor services as of the approval date listed in the search results. Every attempt is made by the Division of Workers’ Compensation to keep the database current. However, any recent change(s) in the status of their medical license resulting from action by the Florida Department of Health that precludes or limits a health care provider’s practice in the state of Florida may not be reflected in the Division’s Expert Medical Advisor Database. Therefore, users are advised to review the license status at the Department of Health’s website at https://appsmqa.doh.state.fl.us/MQASearchServices/HealthCareProviders prior to engaging an Expert Medical Advisor for such services.

Expert Medical Advisors (EMA) Certification List
There are currently 123 Approved EMA's.
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File Structure: Tab-delimited ASCII Text File
Field 1: License Number
Field 2: Name (last, first, m.i.)
Field 3: Practice/Facility Name
Field 4: City
Field 5: State (abbreviation)
Field 6: Profession
Field 7: Board Certification Specialties
Field 8: Current EMA Status
Field 9: EMA Expiration Date
Field 10: Original EMA Approval Date

For information concerning Expert Medical Advisor Certification, please call (850) 413-1613, or contact us at:
Bureau of Monitoring and Audit
Medical Services Section
200 East Gaines St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-4232

Statutory Reference: s. 440.13(9)(a), Florida Statute
Rule Reference: 69L-30.003, Florida Administrative Code (Expert Medical Advisors)