I just calculated how much I could pay in Florida taxes this year and how it fits into the state's budget +Jeff Atwater http://bit.ly/MkrdYA

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Enter Annual Adjusted Household Income between the range of $10,000 and $250,000.

Annual Adjusted Household Income


Annual Adjusted Household Income includes:

  • income earned from wages and profits of businesses, persons, and farmers;
  • income earned from savings or investments such as dividends, rent or interest;
  • capital gains from the sales of assets;
  • transfer payments (such as public assistance with the exception of in-kind services such as public housing);
  • pension and retirement income; and
  • alimony.



The methodology for the calculation of average state taxes is based on information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics of expenditure patterns by U.S. households. The calculation for portion of taxes spent on major state spending areas was developed by the Florida Office of Economic and Demographic Research , a research arm of the Florida Legislature, principally concerned with forecasting economic and social trends that affect policy making, revenues, and appropriations.

The amount identified is not the actual tax liability, nor is it an estimate of tax liability. Rather, it represents the average amount of taxes paid by all Florida households for a given annual adjusted money income.