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Changes to the Catalog

The following listing provides additions, deletions, and changes to the Catalog of State Financial Assistance for the applicable years.

State Fiscal Year 2008-2009

State Fiscal Year 2007-2008

State Fiscal Year 2008-2009
Added Projects:

21.004 New Horizons - Family Emergency Treatment Center
31.054 Innovation Incentive Program
37.067 Renewable Energy Technologies Grants Program
37.068 Renewable Energy Technologies Investment Tax Credit Program
37.069 Babcock Ranch Preserve Act
42.001 Ag/Livestock Markets/Pavilions/Centers
43.002 Hurricane Mitigation Program
45.044 Florida African American Heritage Preservation Network
45.045 Frank Lloyd Wright Esplanade Rehabilitation Project, Florida Southern College, Polk County
45.046 Heritage Park - Okaloosa Park
45.047 Bay of Pigs Museum & Library
45.048 Tampa Firefighters Museum - Hillsborough County
45.049 Cuban Heritage Collection Digitization Project
48.076 Private Colleges & Universities - Critical Training Needs - Equipment
48.077 Private Colleges & Universities - LECOM / Florida Health Programs
52.026 Civil Legal Assistance
60.106 Florida Coalition for Children Self-Insurance Program
64.024 San Juan Bosco Clinic Project
64.076 Safe Haven for Newborns
64.077 Dan Marino Foundation - Swimming Certification
64.078 Bankhead-Coley Cancer Research Program
64.079 Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Research, University of Miami
64.080 Pregnancy Support Services Program
64.081 Community Environmental Health Program
64.082 Nursing Student Loan Forgiveness Program
64.083 Hispanic Obesity Prevention Education (HOPE)
64.084 Shaken Baby Syndrome
64.085 Rural Health Networks
64.086 Newborn Hearing Screening Follow-Up Program
64.087 Sun Coast Family Care Center
64.088 Clearwater Free Clinic ARNP Program
64.089 Fragile X Pilot Project
64.090 Community Smiles
64.091 Krug Health Center
64.092 Community Medical Care Center
67.014 Supported Employment Program for Disabled
67.015 Pack Summer Camp - Pasco
67.016 Able Adults - Hillsborough
67.017 Victory Living Program
67.018 Dimensions Family Club
68.007 Florida Healthy Kids - Matching Outreach Grants
68.008 Rural County PSN Grant
70.018 Statewide Temporary Nursing Services
70.019 Statewide Temporary Health Care Personnel Other Than Nursing Services
70.020 Statewide Radiology Services
70.021 Statewide Pharmaceutical Repackaging Services
70.022 Statewide Clinical Laboratory Services
70.023 Mobile Surgery at the Reception and Medical Center (RMC)
70.024 Inpatient, Outpatient, and Emergency Hospital Services
70.025 Contracted Comprehensive Health Services
71.007 Nassau County Sheriff/Emergency Operations Center Building
75.010 Florida Rebuilds
75.012 Incumbent Worker Training (IWT)
75.013 Persons with Disabilities
75.014 Job Training and Job Circulation
75.015 Youth Development Strategies Dade County
75.016 Workforce Education Cluster Centers (AKA Banner Centers)
75.017 Quick Response Training (QRT)
75.018 Ready To Work Certification Program
76.092 Florida Heart Research Institute Voluntary Contributions
76.093 Donate Organs - Pass It On License Plate
76.094 Homeownership For All License Plate
76.095 Future Farmers of America License Plate
76.096 A State of Vision License Plate
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State Fiscal Year 2008-2009
Deleted Projects:

22.018 Hillsborough County Courthouse Facilities
31.001 Florida Black Business Investment Board, Inc
31.040 Florida Aerospace Finance Corporation
37.064 Florida Energy Technology Investments Project
52.011 Local Emergency Management Needs
52.017 Emergency Management Relief Assistance
52.031 Front Porch Florida Micro-Lending Program
52.034 Hurricane Relief Funding - Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
52.035 Hurricane Relief Funding/Charlotte County Public Safety Complex
52.036 FCO Local Emergency Management Facilities/ St Lucie County Special Needs Shelter
52.037 FCO Local Emergency Management Facilities/Osceola/Indian River/Bay County Emergency Operation Centers
60.043 Children's Mental Health Residential Care Services
60.044 Children's Mental Health Case Management Project
60.045 Children's Mental Health Outpatient Services
60.046 Purchase Therapeutic Services Child Case Management
60.050 Adult Community Mental Health Residential Care
60.051 Adult Community Mental Health Case Management
60.052 Adult Community Mental Health Outpatient Services
60.056 Children's Mental Health Child Welfare Emergency Stabilization
60.058 Purchase Therapeutic Services Child Outpatient Services
64.008 Statewide Cancer Registry
64.012 Expansion of Pediatric HIV Network
64.038 Onsite Sewage Disposal Program Training Centers
64.063 Closing The Gap - HIV/AIDS
64.067 Caridad Health Cente
64.070 Community Health Advocacy - Hillsborough
64.071 Greenwood Community Health Resource Center Inc
64.073 University of Miami Breast Cancer Research
64.074 Primary Care Initiative
67.013 Early Intervention of Autism
70.008 Dental Health Services
70.009 Physical Health Services
70.010 Mental Health Services
70.012 Offender Supervision - Pre-Trial Services
77.011 Manatee Research
77.028 Hurricane Relief - Marinas
80.009 Food Services
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State Fiscal Year 2008-2009
Changed Project Titles or CSFA Numbers:

31.052 Pregnancy Support Services Program
55.017 New Starts Match
64.060 Wolfson's Children's Hospital Cardiac Program
77.008 Mote Marine Laboratory - Stock Enhancement
77.016 Lake Restoration Projects
77.019 Wildlife Management Grants

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