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Florida Single Audit Act
In 1998, the Florida Single Audit Act was enacted to establish state audit and accountability requirements for state financial assistance provided to nonstate entities. The Legislature found that while federal financial assistance passing through the state to nonstate entities was subject to mandatory federal audit requirements, significant amounts of state financial assistance was being provided to nonstate entities that was not subject to audit requirements that paralleled federal audit requirements. Accordingly, it was the intent of the Act that state audit and accountability requirements, to the extent possible, parallel the federal audit requirements.

Abiding with this legislative intent, there are many similarities between the Catalog of State Financial Assistance and the federal Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, the State Project Compliance Supplement and the federal Compliance Supplement, and the Rules of the Department of Financial Services and the OMB Circular A133. It is intended that these similarities will promote audit economy and efficiency.

The Florida Single Audit Act is applicable to any nonstate entity fiscal year beginning on or after July 1, 2000, and is codified in Section 215.97, Florida Statutes.

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