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Lost-Time Injury Data by Employer

ENTER Lost-Time Injury Data by Employer
The Department Financial Services shall be held harmless against all claims, suits, judgments and/or damages resulting from this disclosure of information, including all costs and fees. The information contained herein is a representative reflection of selected information maintained by the Department of Financial Services, Division of Workers' Compensation.
Failure to obtain claim information on a specific employer through this automated query may be due to search criteria input by the user, to delay in the submission of information from insurance carriers, or to errors in the coding and entry of claims data. The user should not infer the non-existence of a claim based solely on results of this query.
The Lost-Time Injury Data by Employer contains lost-time workers’ compensation claim records for which a First Report of Injury or Illness (paper or electronic) was filed with the Division where compensation was paid for lost wages, and includes both open and closed status claims. Workers’ compensation claim records with dates of accident prior to 1/1/90 that were closed as of March 2000 were archived and will also not appear here. Also, accident records deemed confidential in accordance with Section 381.004(3), Florida Statutes., are excluded. Note: Information relating to the employee’s personal financial and health ceased to be disclosed pursuant to Sections 440.125 and 626.9651, Florida Statutes, and Rule 69J-128.025, Florida Administrative Code. Also, the employee’s Social Security Number is not disclosed pursuant to Section 119.071(5)(a)5., Florida Statutes.